Crime Story of Three Best Friends – Bloody Mary

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The cast of bloody mary

The movie Bloody Mary was directed by the popular Tollywood director Chandoo Mondeti. The stars cast in the movie are Nivetha Pethuraj, Brahmaji, Ajay, and Kireeti. The director has conducted an excellent job in selecting the cast for the film.

bloody mary Highlights

The plot of the movie Bloody Mary features the lead role of Mary, who is an orphan. While growing up, Mary did all on her own now; she works through life. Mary also has two other close friends who are also orphans, Basha and Raju.

These three Orphan friends will get to any extent to save each other and be with each other. Asking the said to be going well for these three friends, Due to an unfortunate incident, we noticed that Mary got involved in a murder of a senior doctor of the hospital she works at.

Now that this was not enough, and we noticed that both her friends Basha and Raju also get tapped on a different Murder case. During this scene, all three friends share a common enemy Ajay, who is a cop. The rest of the movie deals with how Mary, along with her friends, gets out of this crime successfully. To know more about the story of 3 friends, watch the movie, Bloody Mary.

What to expect from the bloody mary?

The casting of the film Bloody Mary is perfect. The three characters that played the role of friends in the film suit them perfectly. The characters seem to go through a confident character transformation.

The movie begins with a great and happy note, even though as the plot progresses, we notice it will bring a great twist in the movie. The relationship between the Cop and the three friends is presented as the bond between a cat and a mouse.

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